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My elder brother is a trip advisor, but usually can’t make out time for own holiday trip at Phuket island . He usually suggests couples and families to visit Thailand for its fantastic natural ambience. Occasionally, he himself visits Thailand, not for vacations, only for work and to catch up the clients, to make new collaborations and to sort out other tourism purposes. He keeps complaining that, his luck doesn’t fever him to enjoy this place in a trip, not at work in serving people or convincing clients. In last 3 years he has visited Thailand about three to 4 occasions at Phuket island , but each time he spent only two to three days there. So, obviously he couldn’t manage to explore Thailand, as a tourist. Though, whenever he went to Thailand, he observed numerous Muay Thai camps there and somewhere inside the mind decided to experience one of these, at list once in life.

So, this year January he finally decided to take a break of twenty days and visited Thailand and Phuket . He knew that, it could be tough for him to select a Muay Thai camp amongst a large number of camps and he was also conscious that, he will not be able to spend more than two weeks in Muay Thai training, as well. Following taking a good time to locate out the solution, he decided to join a camp near to his resort and observed a great crowd there; in Muay Thai training below experienced trainers.

At the beginning he was little scared but, when he saw seven-eight years old kids in the training, he said to himself, ‘courage’.

He strictly specified the trainer that, he has joined the camp for stress relief and to experience a brand new sport during the trip, as he gets a uncommon opportunity to go to a place for himself only. Later he discovered his trainer guided him in a much a better way, than he anticipated and made him a changed an individual altogether.

During the normal training program, he had to carry out fundamental exercises, pad and shadow works with his trainer and fellow fighters and had to begin the day with 3 rounds of run, frequently. After four hours of difficult training, he utilized to have massages and cool down stretching, which, he said, ‘it works like a magic’.

Following 5 days of training he reduces 1.5 kg and said, ‘I couldn‘t know a great deal of sweat can make people happy, if I wouldn’t have joined this Muay Thai camp’.

Along with the Muay Thai training, he visited the swimming club each evening and it was in his resort. So, he didn’t need to go other places for this natural spa following a lengthy hectic day in training, as he stated.
He remembered and recorded the Muay Thai techniques throughout the training and following returning house, he began practicing all of it, on a daily basis. Till the date, regardless of how busy he is, he practices Muay Thai without fail.

In his sharing, once he told me that, it was a life time trip, exactly where he enjoyed the nature, skilled a brand new sport and accomplished a physical and mental transformation. Following returning from Thailand, now he suggests people to visit Muay Thai camps of Thailand, whenever he advises his clients for a trip to this heavenly place.

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