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The radio in your Ford should give you years of trouble-free performance. However, the factory radio unit may eventually fail from regular use. Ford radios are usually self locking, and that means you'll really need to ensure that you're buying a radio that's made specifically for your own vehicle, , not a "universal mounted" radio that uses retaining screws. Before you change anything, however, you should troubleshoot the air in your Ford.

Open the fuse panel under the steering column. Turn both knobs in the fuse panel cover counterclockwise and pull down on the fuse cover. Pull the fuse for the Ford radio utilizing the fuse puller inside the fuse panel. Utilize if you are having trouble finding it the fuse diagram in the underside of the fuse panel cover to find the fuse for your radio.

Research the correct fuse location within the user manual, then remove the fuse. Assess the alloy strip on the inside of the fuse. If the alloy strip is burned or damaged, then you got to replace that Facia adaptor Ford fuse with a brand new fuse of the exact same amperage.

When you have problems using the CD player, check the display panel for error messages. In the event the CD is bypassing, it's both due to a CD (which ought to be cleaned off with a damp cloth) or dirt clinging to the lens of the CD player.. The compressed-air removes the particles sticking to the lens, permitting the CD to perform right.

Fit a business CD player cleaning disc to the slot. Vehicles will get dusty, and also the CD slot will be permeated by the dust, despite the flap in place. You may need to configure the CD player to play audio files as opposed to commercial cds. Playing MP3 or WAV files, for example, might require setup.

Completely insert the Ford radio hook tools into the corner holes within the air. Push the hooks outward to disengage the clips. Pull the air to eliminate it from the cavity. A blown fuse is just a common reason that car radios quit operating. Find the fuse on the back of the car radio. This fuse may seem just like the fuses inside the key fuse box of the car. Slide the fuse out and inspect it for darkened areas or damaged connections.

Change the power to the air on by pressing the power button. When the radio will not turn on at all, the system is defective and will have to be replaced. When the words "CODE" start flashing on the screen, you are going to have to put in the air code provided to you by your Ford car dealer. Should you not have the code, you'll must get in touch with a Ford dealership and show ownership of your vehicle to reset your factory radio code.

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