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Reporting a bug

To report a bug in the latest release or release candidate, use the bug tracker and select the version # of the library from the list. The bug will begin in an open state, will be unassigned. One of the project leads will assign the task to the team, after he or she determines that it is valid. If the lead determines that the bug is not appropriate, he or she may move the issue to pending, along with comments for the requestor. The requestor must post comments within 2 weeks, otherwise, the sourceforge issue tracker will automatically delete the issue.

When reporting a minor bug, or one that is not appropriate for the current release, please select the next release (it will be a higher number) from the list in the issue tracker.

Please do not expect us to fix bugs from releases that are more than two major versions old. You may submit the issue, of course, but we may choose to ignore it. For issues that you know exists in a past release as well as the current release, please apply to the current release. If the issue exists in the current release and a the future development code, you may post it to the current release, but please also indicate if you know that it is a problem in the current development code.

You can submit a bug here

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