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The Writer is the object for doing writes using the library. It relies on sub-writers, such as the ImageWriter and the SegmentWriter to help it write a NITF file. The basic life-cycle functions of this object include the usual constructor and destructor methods, as well as an initialization method called prepare. This initialization makes the connection between the Record that we want to write, and the IOHandle that we intend to use. For each segment, we must create a writer for that section. For instance, to write out a file with 2 image segments, we need to create an ImageWriter for each. We then need to attach our data sources. Once our image writer has been properly initialized for each image (provided there are not other segments such as the graphics, we can call our write method to save the file out to the handle. During write calculations are done and necessary updates made to the Record for fields such as HL, FL, etc (enumerate this list...).

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